[escala 1:8] Stable Mechanism – Directed By

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6.- Murder At 34 Hicks Street .mp3 | .ogg

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Nuevo trabajo de noi bajo su seudónimo más rítmico, y como ya dice su nombre, Directed By, Stable Mechanism se pone en la piel de un director de cine para ofrecernos escenas sonoras llenas de oscuridad, silencio comprimido, suspense e intriga a partes iguales. Como un maestro del cine negro de los 50′s Stable Mechanism te acerca a la vida de cualquier hombre, de cualquier ciudad, cuyo tiempo de vida se agota y cuyo entorno se llena de lo único que puede llenarse, de whisky.

New work from noi under his pseudonym more rhythmic, and as its name says, Directed By, Stable Mechanism is put himself in the filmaker’s shoes to offer us sound scenes full of darkness, silence compressed, suspense and intrigue in equal measure. As a master of black cinema from the 50′s, Stable Mechanism brings you closer to the life of any man from any city, whose lifetime is exhausted and whose environment is full of all that can be filled, whiskey.




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